How we help

We work with organizations whose mission is to help individuals in need to connect them to community care.

East Orange County Outside IN Program

In the communities around East Orange County, individuals with mental health and substance use disorders have been forgotten and left without services and a direction to community care.

How we help:
In collaboration with United Global Outreach, identify the people most at risk and connect them with qualified community care liaisons that the HTSpore Foundation team has trained to bring them back and connect them with community resources appropriate to their needs. The individual in need has a continual track record of their community care and data journey when they utilize TeamPatient.

The collaboration of United Global Outreach and HTSpore Foundation has received $25,000 to help scale the outsideIN program for our work being done in East Orange County, Florida.

The HTSpore Foundation is working with eight people at different stages of recovery and has connected four of the eight people most at risk with resources ranging from:

  • Health care services
  • Medication assisted treatment
  • Detox
  • Substance use disorder and mental health treatment
  • One-on-One Therapy
  • Assisting individuals in need re-connect with medical careCommunity services
  • Community services: Reuniting with family and friends, Re-housing, education scholarships, career and job training, resume building, food assistance, 12-step programs housing, relocation, dentistry, and eyewear

CCCFL, Pathways to Care, and HTSpore Foundation Pilot
Catholic Charities of Central Florida (CCCFL) and Pathways to Care

Individuals in Need in Central Florida cannot connect with community resources because providing entities are siloed, and there’s inadequate coordination at all discharge stages. As a result:

  • Individuals are not receiving timely nor the appropriate care that they need
  • Higher costs due to lack of preventative medicine and community care
  • Increase in the homeless population due to a lack of affordable permanent housing

How we help:
Working with CCCFL, and Pathways to Care, assist individuals in need discharged from the hospital and into the care of Pathways to Care to find community care once they have healed and are ready to assimilate into the community at large.

A pilot to help individuals in need find community services and permanent housing while recovering from their medical issues at Pathways to Care will start in mid-August 2022. The pilot has identified four individuals in need that will benefit from the outsideIN program.

Lake County and the HTSpore Foundation
Lake County Probation

Lake County does not have jail reentry services. The individuals in need are not returning to community care services soon enough – and they either re-offend or do not complete probation due to the chaotic state of community care. If there is a prevailing substance use disorder, the person in need has a high risk of overdose if there is no assistance from their first step out of jail into community care. Over the past two years, there has been an increase in people overdosing before they make it to their first probation appointment or back to the family care, which gives them a fighting chance.

How we help:
Bring the OutsideIN program to Lake County probation and identify Individuals in Need before they leave jail. Working with the mental health personnel in the jail and the court system, identifying the individuals in need early on in their incarceration allows a data log of needs and conditions to be formed in Team Patient. Identifying their needs early post-incarceration gives the volunteer information that helps them find relevant community care before the individual in need is released from jail. The volunteer will be with the individuals in need as they leave jail and assimilate back into the community at large, convening a 360 huddle within 24hrs upon release.

HT Spore attended the Florida Association of Community Corrections (FACC). The entire state of Florida Community Correction Administration has made reentry a top priority.

HT Spore is joining the Lake County Opioid Task Force, and in October, HT Spore will be voted onto the public safety coordinating council.