About us

Substance use is one of the major problems but never the only problem a person deals with when trying to fight their way back from the outside into recovery. The HT Spore Foundation looks to bring community care from a siloed complex journey to one with hope with a connected path back to a caring community.


Accelerate helping individuals in need to get into organized community care.  Our initial focus is on mental health and substance use disorder populations.


Connect individuals in need across Florida by working with community organizations, volunteer groups and criminal justice.


Give individuals in need, their loved ones and caregivers a community infrastructure to harmonize their journey to full recovery and once again be productive members of society.

About me, Houston T. Spore

I struggled with chronic pain, depression, and an addiction to opioids for almost 20 years. When I was in treatment, I did great in a regulated healthcare environment. Once out of treatment the landscape of care changed to an unregulated free for all, and success was hard to find.

Thanks to wonderful family and friends, and hard work I was able to change my life’s trajectory.  I now find myself in recovery since 2015, married with two beautiful children.